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Working Quality Puppy Guarantee

Our guarantee is a replacement guarantee only. The breeder may require the puppy being replaced to be returned to the breeder. This will be determined by the breeder on a case by case basis.

The pups general health is guaranteed for two weeks after leaving my possession.

The pups ears are warranteed to stand. If they are not standing by 4 1/2 months you must notify me. Then the dog must be seen by a vet and have its ears taped for a period of four weeks starting at 4 1/2 months. If the pups ears still do not stand after the four weeks of taping I must be notified and the dog must be seen by a vet at six months of age.

The pup will not be replaced unless the procedures are followed. 99% of the time weak ears will stand if they are taped.

Male pups are warranted to have both testicles drop. This part expires after the pup is twelve months old.

Hips are warranted to OFA at two years of age. This part of the warranty expires after the dog is 28 months old. This gives the owner a four month window to have the pup x-rayed and certified by OFA. A pup will only be replaced once for bad hips. If the replacement puppy ends up with bad hips, the odds are it is an environmental issue not a genetics issue.

There are no other implied or intended warranties or guarantees.


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